About Me

Cartoons are my life and love ever since I was a kid. Especially Toy Story the first 3D movie which opened my mind into a whole new world of CG animation possibilities and inspires me everyday to keep improving my skills so one day my dream will be fulfilled to work in feature animated movies. American and Japanese animation have been a huge part of my life as I'm always seeking new animation film and tv shows to learn from and inspire me.

I graduated in Industrial Design in Argentina and Graphic Design incomplete. After graduation I study 3D Modeling and Lighting online at AnimSchool. All of the instructors there work in the animation film industry and continue to mentor me on my projects.

Also, I have taken many Animation, Rigging and Composing courses, my biggest strengths I am able to concentrate on difficult and long projects and execute them until they're done right. By nature I'm a curious person so I will research or ask the right questions to solve problems. I enjoy working on a team and collaborating with others.

Previously, I had worked for an VFX studio as a lighting/modeling artist for a tv show and a movie. Now I’m working as a lighting/composing artist on a publicity studio for international companies. Also I work as a freelance (modeling, lighting and rendering) for advertises and products visualization.